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If you are looking for a different way of brunching, you might want to consider this filling alternative. I know you are probably asking yourself, what the hell baleadas are. Baleadas are flour tortillas, topped with refried beans and a queso fresco type of cheese, then you fold it and eat it like a taco. You can also add different topping as you see in the pictures. This is a very popular if not the most popular dish in Honduras, you can find them anywhere.

Although the most common type of baleadas are the ones with refried bean and cheese, the toppings are endless. These are some of my favorites but in Honduras anything goes; chorizo, grilled meat, chicken… The list goes on. I guess you can say baleadas are a close cousin of burritos. I like them for brunch because people can choose their toppings (and that’s always fun) plus, they are very filling. The tortillas must be freshly made, those plastic-tasting things in the supermarket will only spoil your experience so, get your hands dirty in the kitchen and make your own! Oh, one last thing, ENJOY! 


(serves 6)

Click HERE for the recipe of flour tortillas.

Refried beans : I cooked my own beans. I boiled 1 pound of dry, small black beans with plenty of water, 4 culantro leaves, 2 minced garlic cloves and salt. Boil them until tender. Puree a few cups of beans and 

fry it with a little bit of canola oil. 

Other toppings:

sour cream

queso fresco

ripe avocados

scramble eggs

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