• Najwa Kronfel

Homemade Nutella

It’s so dangerous to make your own nutella. I’m not talking about the process, which is very simple. I’m talking about the fact that you are at home with a full jar of delicious nutella. I feel like the jar is screaming “Eat me!”. What do I do? Make a bunch of crepes, bake a brioche, bake cookies? It’s like I’m on a mission to finish off the whole jar ASAP. Thankfully, my son is willing to help me with that 🙂

This nutella recipe is creamy, with a subtle taste of chocolate and a hint of coconut. It’s important to have a good food processor for a smooth texture. My food processor is old and I had to use my mom’s to achieve the consistency I was after. 

You are probably thinking “Why not just buy a jar?” The taste you get from a homemade nutella, you will hardly find it in the store. Besides, it’s really simple to make. Need to say more?


2 cups hazelnuts, toasted and skinned 

1cup dark chocolate, melted 

2 tbsp cocoa powder

4 tbsp icing sugar

2 tbsp canola

1/3 cup coconut milk

In a food processor,  process the hazelnuts until they turn into a paste, depending on the food processor or blender, it should take you about 15 minutes. Add the rest of the ingredients and keep mixing until smooth. Taste and add more sugar if needed. Also, add a little more milk if it feels too dry.

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