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Leek and Potato Soup

Today wasn’t exactly the best day for soup (85°F In New York). But who set this rule anyway? you can have ice cream in the middle of winter and that’s OK. Leek and potato soup is my son Lucas favorite meal. He even goes “mmm” after each spoon. I don’t blame him it’s a great soup.

 I don’t use vegetable stock (unless it’s homemade) or cream to make this or any soup. I think the vegetable looses flavor and identity and I like to taste my veggies.

I also like to add flax seeds, they don’t really add much flavor to the soup but they have a lot of health benefits. Flax seeds are really underused. Well I hope everybody enjoy this long weekend, I know is going to be a fun one around here, some BBQ, friends, family and of course dessert. 


1 pound of leeks

2 Yukon gold potato, diced (skin on)

1 small zucchini 

2 garlic cloves, roughly chopped 

Flax seeds to sprinkle 

salt and pepper to taste

Olive Oil

Chop the leeks into small pieces.

Add enough olive oil to coat the bottom of a heavy large saucepan over medium heat. Add the potatoes and cook for 5 minutes, add the leeks, garlic, zucchini, salt and pepper and cook for another 10 minutes. Add enough hot water to just cover the veggies, cover and let it simmer for 25 minutes or until the vegetables are very tender, stirring occasionally. Turn off the heat and puree the vegetables with an immersion blender until smooth. Taste and adjust seasoning. Sprinkle with flax seeds and few drops of olive oil.

Note: The texture of this soup is not very liquid, so feel free to add a bit of water to make it less thick, but trust me, it’s pretty good as is.

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