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Martha Stewart, Apple Cider and Recipe Cards

This week I was invited to the launch party of Martha Stewart’s newest cookbook, One Pot. I had the opportunity to meet her and even take a “selfie” with her. What’s that? the selfie is blurry? Well, that’s because I was shaking! I had MARTHA STEWART right next to me!  I also had the chance to talk to her a little bit and gave her a set of my new collection of recipe cards I illustrated to which she said “Oh they are so beautiful, thank you”. That made my day people. I am happy to announce that they are now available on my SHOP!

You can find these recipe cards HERE

Today’s recipe is just delightful. Nothing says Fall more than a cup of hot spiced apple cider, don’t you think? Last weekend we went apple picking at Lawrence Farms Orchards and of course I came back home with a bag of juice apples. Armed with spices and good apples, I pulled out the biggest pot I own and made a batch of cider. This recipe is simple to put together and so good, the spices not only perfume the cider but elevates the flavor and enhances this recipe. I hope you give it a try! 


12 apples cut in quarters

3/4 brown sugar

4 cinnamon sticks

10 whole cloves

4 star anise

1 small piece of ginger

1 cup orange juice


Place all ingredients in a large stock pot. Add enough water to come to 3 inches above the apples. Simmer for 3 hours, taste and add more sugar and spices if needed (I didn’t have to add any more sugar but that depends on how sweet the apples are and how sweet you like it). When ready, allow to cool the strain it very well (squeeze  those apples and take all of the cider out). Serve hot or cold. 

Get Martha Stewart’s latest book HERE


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